Monday, February 4, 2013


Subject: Invitation to participate in the Kingdom Leadership Summit 2013

At Golden Jubilee Towers (PSPF Towers), Dar es Salaam
Our Esteemed Kingdom Leader,

It is our honor to introduce to you the Kingdom Leadership Summit 2013 and officially invite

you to take part in this unique Kingdom and Leadership experience. This summit is scheduled to

take place from 18th to 22nd February 2013 at the Golden Jubilee Towers (PSPF Towers)-6thfloor

Executive Hall, adjacent to PPF Towers at the corner of Ohio Street/Garden Avenue starting

from 16hrs to 20hrs. This will be preceded by prayers for the nation from 12hrs to 16hrs on the

same dates and venue. You have been personally invited because your participation would

represent an invaluable contribution to the Summit. We expect around 1000 leaders to attend.

The Kingdom Leadership Summit was the first of its kind to be established in Tanzania,

gathering leaders from Government, politics, business, professional circles, Church/Ministry and

intercessors. These are individuals who are united in their passion to advance the Kingdom of

God in Tanzania, bringing transformation to the leaders themselves and through them, the


The Summit offers a higher level atrium of presentation, prophecy and prayers from

internationally renowned speakers such as Dr. Bernard Nwaka from Zambia, Dr. Simpson

Ngcizela from South Africa and other great speakers from within Tanzania, with the focus on

furthering the Kingdom of God in our nation. The Kingdom Leadership Summit represents a rare

and exciting opportunity for Tanzanian Leaders to discuss issues that confront Kingdom

leadership and the Nation with the view to draft actionable resolutions in accordance with the

purpose and plan of God for the Nation of Tanzania.

Themes to be addressed:

 Leadership and challenges in the areas of influence

 Kingdom mindset on national interests

Raising, Preparing, Empowering and Supporting Kingdom Leaders in Tanzania.


 Divine intervention into the leadership of the nation

 The Power of Networking

 Mentorship

 Influence and the skill of persuasion.

Delegates are presented with the opportunity to build strong strategic relationships, with a

network that connects you to other leaders as well as spiritual mentors, expert mentors and

intercessors. We look forward to meeting you at the Kingdom Leadership Summit 2013.

For queries kindly contact us at and 0784847070

or 0655847072 or to the committee members listed below.

Cocktail and refreshments will be provided. A minimum contribution of 50,000 Tshs for all five

days will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your kind attention and support.

Dress-code: Official-Very formal-Executive.

Kind Regards,

Isaac Mpatwa

Kingdom Leadership Network Tanzania (KLNT)
Committee: Agnes Kaganda, Anael Samuel, Bertha Mpatwa, Deborah Masalu, Dr.Elias

Nyanda, Eng Emmanuel Moshi, Joel Nanauka, Kapemba Mtesigwa, Mathias Mhoja, Mgisa

Mtebe, Mhando Philemon Mbughuni, Modesta Lillian Mahiga, Eng Paul Holela, Rose Mushi,

Rita Alex Lyatuu, Samuel Sasali, Upendo Moshi, Victor Kweka.
Kingdom Leadership Network Tanzania: Raising, Preparing, Empowering and Supporting
the current and Next Generation Kingdom Leaders in Tanzania.
Raising, Preparing, Empowering and Supporting Kingdom Leaders in Tanzania.

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