Friday, December 14, 2012

"How The Lord Changed My Life"

I was raised in a catholic home. My parents would take my sister and I every Sunday. I would pay attention but I would always come out of there confused. The fact that I need to confess my sin to a guy, that was just not right to me. As we got older my parents decide to stop going to church for a while and it ended up we going on special occasions like for Christmas and Easter.
By that time I was in public school in middle school. I was never a bad child that did drug or start fight. But I did get caught up with the people that did these thing. And my attitude started to change with my parents and my family. I started to skip school, not to do my work. I was just like a follower basically. In 7th grade my parents started realizing the change in my additive and my grades.
So then my parents decided to put me in Calusa and that’s how I got here. When I first came to this school I was the angryest child ever. I didn’t like the fact that the school was to small that I didn’t have my friends. I didn’t even like my classmate in my class.
Little by little Calusa started to grow on me, I changed my attitude because that wasn’t going to get far at all in this school. I would always be so confused when we would have chapel. Doc would always do the hand movement of the paper and god forgives our sin. That’s a great demostration by the way.
I remember I trusted god as my Savaoir the last day before we went to Christmas break when doc sai the storty of the girl of boy that died. At first I was like to see a changed in my life in seconds yeah that didn’t happen. But I would go online and look up information I wanted to know and ask them in your bible classes. After a while I saw a huge change in my life with everything. And it was all because this school and there strong faith in god that made me come to the lord. Words can’t explain how greatful I am.
By: Lilliana

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