Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We have seen a number of issues on praise, we know the meaning, the importance and even who to praise. Now the question comes, 'How do we do it?' It is important to know this.

There are numerous ways of giving praise to God. What is important is to let the Spirit of God flow in you as you praise since praise is supposed to be from the inside out. I thank God for the bible because we can get several ways through which we can praise God. But remember, the key point is that, praise should flow from inside out. It is very important to live in an attitude of praise toward God.

We can praise God through

  1. Singing (Psalms 63:4-7). There are so many songs that can be song to give praise to God. Regardless of the tempo of the song.
  2. Shouting (Psalms 35:27). We can praise God through shouting for joy and gladness.
  3. Dancing (Psalms 150:4; 149:3). A dance that is inspired by the Holy Spirit can help in giving praise to God.
  4. Laughter (Job 8:21)
  5. Thanksgiving (Psalms 69:30). Giving thanks to God, appreciating what He has done in our lives is one way of Praising God.
  6.  Standing up (1 Chronicles 23:30). We can give praise to God simply by standing up.
  7. Lifting up hands (Psalms 134:2)
  8. Playing musical instruments. Psalms 150 speaks of praising God using different musical instruments. We can Praise God through making music to Him.
The bible says that "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, Praise the Lord" Psalms 150:6.

                        TO BE CONTINUED........

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